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Pure Black
Santoku-knife designed by: Holmbäck Nordentoft

New and sharp extension to the kitchen
Pure Black is a series of knives that has been honored for its functionality and elegant design. The collection is now extended with two new knives. The only difference on the two knives is the size. (27 cm or 20 cm)
Santoku is japanese and means “tree in use”. The knife is an “all around” knife. It can be used whether you are chopping, cutting or nicking fruit or vegetables.
The knives is designed by Holmbäck Nordentoft and is in stainless chromium steel with matte black coating.

  • Stylish design for the kitchen
  • Elegant and unique design
  • The matte coating ensures a good grip
  • Good ergonomi
  • Easy to clean and high hygiene
  • “all around” knives


Ribbon salad servers designed by: Murken Hansen

Salad servers that gets the job done
Ribbon is new salad servers from Stelton in an innovative and elegant design. They look more like some kind of art than they look like salad servers but they’ll get the job done. They are very easy to handle and the wide shape makes sure you get salad on your plate the first time you try. The salad servers is made in stainless steel and it just makes any kind of salad bowl look elegant.
The length of the servers is 31 cm. and the width is 7 cm.

  • Innovative design
  • Easy to handle
  • Glossy polished stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe

Delight cookie plate / pedestal design by: Francis Cayouette

Delights in layers
The new Delight pedestal from Stelton guarantees you an elegant serving of your little delights whether its sweets or tapaz. The lower part can be used separate from the upper part as a dish for example pies or quiches. The pedestal is easy to disassemble and doesn’t take up more than a large plate.
The Delight from Stelton is made in an elegant, matte and neutral material that suits every style and frame.
The pedestal is 24 cm. high and has a diameter of 33,5 cm.

  • Space saving
  • Lower plate also serves as a plate
  • Elegant design
  • Neutral look, fits every style and frame
  • All parts are dishwasher safe


EM vandfilterkande designed by: Erik Magnussen

The popular design classic from Stelton “EM pitcher” is now with a new functionality. A watering can with a filter that  gives you clean water with low calcium content, without pesticides and tang of chlorine.
The pitcher comes in tree beautiful colors shades that gives the water a cool colors you almost can’t live without.
The pitcher is 27,5 cm. high and has a diameter at 11 cm.


  • Clean water with no pesticides and tang of chlorine
  • Minimizes the content of calcium
  • Comes in tree beautiful colors: smoke, aqua and azur
  • Brita water filter fits the EM-pitcher


Embrace fruit basket designed by: Halskov&Dalsgaard

The well known Embrace series extend with an elegant fruit/bread basket. The basket gives the table an elegant look. The basket can be use to multiple things for example cookies, fruit, bread or whatever you desire it will look stunning. The basket is made of stainless steel and has a very elegant and characteristic expression. .
The basket is 9 cm. high and 19 cm in diameter.

  • Elegant upgrade of your bread- or fruit basket
  • The sculptural idiom makes the basket decorative in it selves
  • Fits Steltons popular bread bag medium

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