The new Eva Solo salad spinner

The new Eva Solo salad spinner

The new Eva Solo® salad spinner is a simple and modern product that offers a simple solution to rinsing and drying lettuce for your salads.

The Eva Solo® salad spinner is a new and exciting product for quickly rinsing and drying lettuce. The bucket-shaped spinner is designed to simplify an otherwise tricky task which we know from conventional multi-component salad spinners and the long-winded approach of rinsing lettuce leaves in the sink and then drying them off with a tea towel.

Thanks to this ingenious solution, the Eva Solo® salad spinner simplifies the job of rinsing and drying lettuce. The Eva Solo® salad spinner is easy to use – simply place the required amount of lettuce in the bucket, fill it with water and rinse the leaves with your hands. Then, squeezing the top of the bucket together to form a spout, pour off the water. The lettuce is now ready for spinning. Swing the bucket around in the air – this you can do either indoors or outdoors. In the process, any surplus water and dirt collects under the drainage plate and can then be poured off. The lettuce is now clean, dry and ready for serving.

Ingenious product

The Eva Solo® salad spinner has been developed by the prizewinning design duo at Tools Design, the designers Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen who, in seeking to find solutions to problematic everyday domestic tasks, take a simple and innovative approach to design.

Developing a new salad spinner was a perfect project for Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen. “Our starting point was a product that is for many people an invaluable but complicated kitchen tool, our aim being to refine it to produce something simple and multifunctional. The Eva Solo® salad spinner is a fun yet very straightforward product which can also be used for washing and storing vegetables,” says Claus Jensen.

The Eva Solo® salad spinner is practical, excellent for storage when not being used, and is dishwasher-proof. It is made of soft TPE rubber, which is approved for foods, and has a nylon cord handle. The drainage plate is made of stainless steel.

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