Eva Solo Washing-up brush

Eva Solo Washing-up brush

The Eva Solo® washing-up brush is an elegant take on a classic kitchen implement which is used in most homes. It features a distinctive, streamlined design in stainless steel with graceful curves that make it comfortable to hold. At the same time, the washing-up brush can stand upright on its own so it’s always close at hand beside the sink when pots, pans and plates need cleaning.

The Eva Solo® washing-up brush is an exciting redesign of an invaluable piece of kitchenware. The brush has been given a new aesthetic dimension in that the handle and the head constitute an elegant, beautiful and rounded entity. The choice of materials in both polished and brushed stainless steel lends a stylish and timeless appearance to the brush, beautifully supplemented by the brush head’s dark grey plastic hairs.

The brush head of the Eva Solo washing-up brush can easily be replaced by unscrewing a single screw. Another practical detail is that the brush can stand upright on its own beside the sink, so it’s always close at hand.

Exciting redesign

The reason for redesigning this simple kitchen implement is based on a strong desire to create a common design thread in all product groups for the modern kitchen:

“It was interesting for us to invent a washing-up brush which, in addition to being highly functional, also features a design ‘twist’ so it stands out from other washing-up brushes. We therefore decided to give it a unique shape so it can stand up by itself, and an attractive stainless steel finish that matches the rest of Eva Solo’s product range,” says Henrik Holbæk from the designer duo Tools, which is behind the many well-known Eva Solo products.

The washing-up brush matches other well-known kitchen products such as the Eva Solo® dishcloth, the Eva Solo® soap dispenser and the Eva Solo® tea towel, which together add a stylish and harmonious touch to any kitchen.

The Eva Solo washing-up brush is supplied boxed with an extra brush head. Moreover, it is possible to purchase two extra brush heads.

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