The dishcloth as trendy design object

The dishcloth as trendy design object

The dishcloth has for a very long time been an overlooked every day object in the kitchen. However, it does not need to be this way in the future. Eva Solo has re-invented the traditional dishcloth as a trendy design object with a new and improved functionality. The dishcloth can stand up unsupported, radiates elegance in the kitchen and dries quickly. The Eva Solo Dishcloth has been created by the award winning Tools Design by the designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk.

‘It is the first time the dishcloth has been approached in this way. It has been created in new, different materials and can stand unsupported – also when wet. Eva Solo’s solution is a successful attempt to bring more aesthetics into the kitchen’, the nomination from the prize committee states.


The new product from Eva Solo differs from traditional dishcloths in several ways. It is cylindrical and manufactured of micro fibre with a core of absorbent foam. The material means that the cloth unfolds after use and therefore can stand unsupported on the accompanying stainless steel holder.

The Eva Solo Dishcloth is available in sand, grey and black colours. The recommended retail price for two dishcloths with holder is DKK 199.75. Additional dishcloths can be purchased, a pack of two costing DKK 99.75.

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