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A lot of red dots to Stelton


The new tea pot “Potter”, designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub, combines the perfect design with optimal tea flavour – and has now been awarded the red dot design award 2009.

The pot has a strict cylinder form and is shaped in stainless steel with a soft surface. The shape of the handle creates great balance and makes the pot extraordinarily easy and comfortable to pour from. To get the most out of the tea?s taste Potter is equipped with a special broad grid, giving the tea space to expand and give off its full aroma. Or be removed if black tea is served. Potter was created by the German design duo Jehs + Laub and is available in the colours soft black and soft midnight blue.

German design duo Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub already sat next to each other when they took their entry exam for the univeristy of art. After several projects in New York, they began their partnership in Italy with renowned companies as Cassina, Nemo, Ycami and Acerbis.



“red dot design award” for “To Go”


What is better than having a nice cup of coffee while driving your car? But what about the risk of coffee spilling in your lap with potentially dangerous consequences! This problem has now been solved by Stelton’s new patented thermo cup ?To Go?.

The cup has a kind of rocker stopper allowing you to drink from any angle; from all 360 degrees around the cup as if there were no lid on. It is exactly the same as drinking from an ordinary cup, no side is the right side. The thermo cup is a must for the vacation – wherever it takes place; in the summer house, caravan or on the boat! As the designers from Designit say: “this is simple – like all other good ideas” The thermo cup has the same elegant lines as the rest of the classic series and it is made of stainless steel and plastics.

Cooperation is essential at Designit. There is room for individual designers to express their talents, but it is the synergy between designers that gives the best results. This is why Designit always puts together a team of different designers who work together to develop innovative concepts, evaluate them and refine them into inspiring, simple and functional products.


“red dot: best of the best” for Stelton

ls-1400-2Stelton has been awarded the “red dot: best of the best” design award for the shopping/picnic basket “Shopnic”. The international jury once again found it a particularly hard task to select the winners from the multitude of high quality products. Around 1,400 companies from 49 countries took part with a total of 3,231 entries – this shows how sought-after the “red dot” quality label is worldwide. The new shopping/picnic basket was one of only 30 items from more than 3,200 products sent in to win!

Now he has done it again. Klaus Rath, the designer behind the successful Stelton bread bag, has developed an all new shopping-/ picnic basket called “Shopnic”. It carries a weight of 10 kg and takes about 15 l. Shopnic can, when not in use, be folded to a minimum of 7 cm in height. Further, it is supplied with a spring, making it able to be unfolded like a magician’s hat. Shopnic has the perfect size both for shopping and picnic, why it is named Shopnic. Shopnic comes in black/sand, sand/pistachio and red/pink colour schemes. Both, the inside & outside covers may be washed in the washing machine by 30°C.

Klaus Rath was born in 1964 and graduated as an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Århus, Denmark. Klaus Rath was also the designer behind the Take away which was one of Stelton?s most successful products last year.

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