More Elements for connoisseurs

More Elements for connoisseurs


In 2008 Royal Copenhagen launched the Elements dinner service, created by Louise Campbell, one of Denmark’s leading designers. The dinner service allows the contrasts between the heritage of centuries and the new millennium to meet in an innovative change of style that signals modernity and vitality. A poetical and functional jar with top perfect for everyday items is now being launched.


World-class design 

The fine and functional storage jars are a small piece of world-class design, which can be used to store all kinds of everyday items like sugar, jam, sweets and jewellery. The many possible uses together with the unique and innovative mode of expression make the jar a perfect choice for those who value design that pays tribute to history while emanating ground-breaking new thinking. The jar is available with decoration in the colours lavender and in white.

”It has very much been about the contrasts in our time and about coupling these contrasts with a meaningful design. There is the contrast between Royal Copenhagen’s need to preserve its hallmark and the company’s need to be visionary. The dinner service therefore points in two directions at the same time. Towards the past, proudly relating to its heritage. And towards the future, boldly meeting tomorrow”, says Louise Campbell.

“It is breathtaking to see how Louise Campbell and Royal Copenhagen have succeeded in combining several hundred years of history with modern functionalism in a mode of expression that is so rich in tradition, and yet ground-breaking at the same time. The success of the dinner service is a recognition of the fact that we have succeeded in attaining our goal of creating a great new classic”, says Niels Bastrup, who is Royal Copenhagen’s Creative Director.


Embracing history 

It is the first time this century that Royal Copenhagen has launched a new service for which all the forms were completely newly developed. In Elements, Louise Campbell has challenged all the traditions, confronting the heritage of centuries with the lifestyle of the new millennium. The new service incorporates elements from three centuries’ worth of Royal Copenhagen’s proudest traditions: the Blue Fluted, Flora Danica and Half Lace. The two new pieces are beautiful additions to the prize-winning dinner service, which incorporate all the essential elements for modern table setting.


17 items – 17 colours 

Elements includes everything from cups and plates in various shapes and sizes to jugs, rectangular platters, salad bowls and small dishes. Each item comes in its own colour in addition to plain white, with the palette extending from bright orange to turquoise, cerise and dusky green.


About Louise Campbell 

Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen in 1970. With a Danish mother and English father, she grew up in both cultures. She studied at Denmark’s Design School and set up her own design studio in 1996. Among many awards and grants, Louise Campbell has received the Government Art Fund’s 3 year working grant, Finn Juhl’s Architecture Prize and she was chosen as designer of the year 2005 by Bo Bedre. In 2008 Bo Bedre selected Elements as Design of the Year. The work done by Louise Campbell’s design studio is based on three simple rules: Always start from scratch – Nothing is impossible until the opposite is proved – There must be a good reason for doing something. See more at

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