Fantastic Flora for flowers

Fantastic Flora for flowers

Louise Campbell is the bright new star in the firmament of Danish design. She has now created a breathtaking range of vases, Flora, for Holmegaard. In designing Flora, Louise Campbell has allowed playful lightness to meet with weight in an ultra-modern form language.

With Flora, a series of vases designed for Holmegaard, the award-winning designer Louise Campbell has given her imagination free rein to work on the ideal vase, which never tips over and never allows the flowers to dry out. At the same time her design tells a powerful story in a contemporary form language about vase design through the ages.


Playfully light with plenty of weight
These vases are a pure expression of Louise Campbell’s unique and highly individual form language, combining an elegant, playful lightness with absolute functionality. The wide base of these vases ensures they are heavy enough not to tip over, and they hold plenty of water. The weight is elegantly countered by the narrow neck of the vase, which forms the perfect setting for several flowers or a single bloom.

The simple, classic form of the Flora vases pays tribute to the apothecary jars and beer bottles produced for generations by Holmegaard. Flora consists of vases in three models and two sizes, with necks in three different heights, and in clear, smoked or turquoise glass. Flora can be varied in countless ways, inviting you to create little personal tableaux to set different moods with the season’s loveliest flowers.

Louise Campbell has just been awarded the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal, and in 2005 she was elected Designer of the Year by Bo Bedre. She has also received a three-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation and the Finn Juhl architecture prize.

Flora will be in the shops from week 35.

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