A classic design returns

A classic design returns

For many people, Danish industrial art is synonymous with Arne Jacobsen, PH and Wegner. But designs in glass by Per Lütken are among the classics too. That is why Holmegaard is now re-launching the glass range “Canada” from the hand of the master – designed in the 1950s.

Danes are justifiably proud of the artware from the golden age of Danish Design, when people like Arne Jacobsen, PH and Wegner created their best classical furniture. Increasing numbers are now discovering the artware in glass of the same period, which until now could only be bought second hand.

However, there is new hope for design enthusiasts and others who value good craftsmanship. Holmegaard is re-launching “Canada”, one of the most famous series of glasses from the 1950s. The designer who created this series was Per Lütken, probably the most influential Danish glassmaker of the period. For five decades he represented the art of design in Denmark, producing work like the 1950s classic, the Provence bowl.

The “Canada” series combines light, gentle curves with a solid, minimalist foot that reveals the skilled craftsmanship that produced it. The simple, organic design in smoked glass includes glasses for schnapps, beer, wine and water, so there is a glass for every occasion. With its gentle, curving form language the Canada series is timeless, while is also harmonises perfectly with the retro trend of our own time.


This is Danish design at its very best: refined and simplified until only the purest forms remain. Devotion to craftsmanship and elegant design permeated the whole of Per Lütken’s production. In his autobiography, “Glass is life”, he said: “One good glass in your hand is better than a thousand mediocrities on a shelf.” That is precisely the respect for quality and skilled craftsmanship that made inspired the immortal design classics in glass and furniture.

Per Lütken’s classical designs materialised through his association with Holmegaard and the generations of skilled glassmakers who worked there. Holmegaard has also collaborated with Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton among others.

The Canada series will be in the shops from week 33.

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