Stair Ladders-a classic from Fyn

The architects Bene dict, and Poul Erik Find from Tegnestuen Hindevadgård in Søndersø Fyn found ladders lacked aesthetics while they were unable to reach the upper shelves of the library shelves. Based on Høkerstigen by merchants used in the old days, they have created a modern design of the old classic. It can be seen at Formland Autumn 2009 14 to 17 August, which will take place at Fairs MCH Herning.

Stair ladders are manufactured in solid birch and have an extended grip on one side, that you can hold on to. This makes it suitable for people of all ages, whether it’s your child who has to reach the kitchen table, or you who needs to get something that is up in a cupboard. The steps are ergonomic and good to stand on. Even at the uppermost level, you are safe and comfortable with one hand on the extended grip.

Stair Ladders are functional and are good and safe to use daily. The special-designed brass fittings ensure that the ladder does not slip.

After use, the ladder can be folded together and hung on the wall using the included Wall Bracket and therefore is always at hand when you need it. It is simultaneously a simple tool that is reliable and display furniture when not in use.

The first product was in clear lacquer, but the latest products are also available in the colors black, white and orange, so you have the opportunity to create contrast or harmony in your home.

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