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Cool Service

Menu’s new serving set with an innovative cooling function is well thought out.

The design company Menu has produced a new stroke of genius. Together with the architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn from Norm, Menu has created an exclusive serving set comprising a melamine tray, a porcelain platter and an especially creative detail: A cooling pad that can be placed between the tray and platter after a short time in the freezer to keep sushi, cold dishes, cakes and dessert fresh throughout your meal. The idea is so obvious that you could wonder why you don’t have such a serving set at home already…

Just like Menu, Norm is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, which unites craftsmanship, materials, aesthetics and functionality. Durability is very important to Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn – not just the durability that comes from good craftsmanship and quality materials, but also aesthetic durability. They strive to design timeless products that are so attractive that you want to look at them again and again and that meet actual needs – preferably in a new and better way than existing products. They have certainly succeeded in their aim with this serving set.

A variety of uses
The tray has a 35 cm diameter and is made of melamine. It has a characteristic design with a flat base and smooth curves on each side that provide a good grip when carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room. The white porcelain platter fits perfectly into the tray and there is space between the platter and tray for the accompanying cooling pad if the food is to be kept cold. Without the cooling pad, the set also works wonderfully for serving hot dishes and the tray and platter can be used separately.

Design: Norm
Materials: Melamine, porcelain, nylon, cooling gel

Formland Autumn 2009 / Køkken accessories / design / formland / Interior Design - Kitchen / new / serving / tray /

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