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Sustainable Bamboo Design

Menu has presented two attractive new products in one. The design company’s carving set is an example of new and original design made of environmentally-friendly bamboo.
Every last detail has been thought of in Menu’s new carving set designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn from Norm. The set consists of a refined melamine tray and a cutting board in bamboo that has fully unique traits and glows just as beautifully as noble wood. The two pieces have innumerable applications, both together and individually. The stylish carving set is ideal for cutting and serving a roast, or for serving cheese, cold cuts, bread, etc. The cutting board can be used in the kitchen and at the dining table and the tray by itself functions as a serving tray and platter.
The tray is made of black melamine. The characteristic form with smooth curves on both sides provides a good grip when carrying the tray from the kitchen to the dining table. The cutting board is made of bamboo, which is significantly harder and more durable than most types of wood. This makes the board water resistant; it also dries very quickly and is very hygienic. The cutting board fits precisely into the tray, which stands on four rubber supports. A hole in the middle ensures that the board is easy to lift again and that meat juices flow into the tray without dripping on the table and staining the tablecloth. An example of good and thoroughly thought out craftsmanship in the best tradition of Scandinavian design.
Bamboo – a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and robust material that is increasingly used in everything from textiles to furniture. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial traits and can be cultivated without the use of pesticides. Bamboo plants produce more oxygen, remove significantly more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees and, unlike trees, bamboo plants reach their full grown height just one year after being harvested, after which they can be harvested again. Therefore, Menu’s new carving set is not just multifunctional design; it is also a small contribution to the environment.
Design: Norm
Materials: Melamine, bamboo, silicone

Formland Autumn 2009 / Køkken bamboo / formland / Melamine / silicone /

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