Fashionable wine cooler

Fashionable wine cooler

Menu has turned things upside down. Now wine needs a coat to stay cool!

Cool Coat, Menu’s creative wine cooler, lives up to its name. It is really cool! A fully innovative, ingenious alternative to the traditional wine cooler with ice that leaves melted water on the table every time you take the bottle out of the bucket.

Cool Coat is the invention of designer Jakob Wagner, who is also the man behind many of the items in Menu’s Vignon series, which consists of an array of accessories for handling, storing and serving wine. Cool Coat consists of two layers of textiles and a loose wrap sewn with channels filled with cooling gel. You just have to put the wrap in the freezer for some time and then put it back in the coat and give the bottle its cold apparel. After just 15 minutes, the temperature of the wine will be reduced by about 10°C and the chilled wine can be poured into glasses while the remains in the bottle will stay fresh in the coat-clad bottle – without dripping on the table.

Cool Coat comes in black with a grey wrap and a new white version with black or lime wrap and push button. “The coat fits most bottles, and you can adjust the collar as you like to give Cool Coat its own personalised touch,” says designer Jakob Wagner.

Design: Jakob Wagner
Materials: Textiles, plastic, metal push button, cooling gel

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