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Hot tea and coffee, without burning your fingers

Designer Pernille Vea and Menu have created a new tea and coffee series with a cafetiere, teapot and practical thermal cups.

The simple, white porcelain thermal cups with the tempting spring green colour on the inside match Menu’s functional new teapot and cafetiere. All of the series’ pieces are created by designer Pernille Vea and made of a daring mix of New Bone China porcelain and silicone. Despite their major differences, the two materials harmonise well and give the pots and cups a unique look, as well as special soft and warm glow. “With my choice of materials and colours, I have added a new freshness to the timeless, pure and classic Scandinavian mode of expression,” says designer Pernille Vea, who has also created a wide array of successful designs for Menu, including the award-winning porcelain series, Black Contour.

The new thermal cups have double porcelain walls and an insulating hollow core that maintains the temperature of beverages and also ensures that the cups are always comfortable to hold and drink from. The size of the thermal cups is suitable for tea, a large cup of coffee, cappuccino or latte, and they naturally match the new teapot with a built-in tea infuser and the cafetiere, which is good news for those who have longed for a cafetiere made of porcelain.

Design: Pernille Vea
Materials: New Bone China porcelain, silicone

Formland Autumn 2009 / Køkken design / formland / Interior Design - Kitchen / new / wall /

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