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Lin brightens things up with lilac

Lin Utzon adds more new colours to give her Filigran vases a new personality.

The popular Filigran range is characterised by transparent glass embellished with slender, delicate rows of flowers. Now Lin Utzon is adding an exciting new colour to brighten things up: lilac.

Unlike many other colours, lilac is a colour you have to take a stance on. And it makes a statement in relation to its surroundings. Moving Lin Utzon’s new lilac Filigran vase around the home, you will see how it makes its mark on each setting and brightens the place up. Not only as an ornament but also as a colour that adds character and warmth. Lin brightens things up by adding lilac to new items from Rosendahl!


There’s more to this well-thought-out lilac Filigran vase than being lilac. The skilful designer, always sure of her colours, has retained the transparent glass base of the vase, giving this striking vase a lightness that contrasts with the generous capacity of the vase. This feature exalts the overall impression to the superb calibre of the colours and styles.

Like all the other vases in the range, Lin Utzon and Rosendahl’s new lilac hand-blown vase has mild, soft styling, so a vase need not only serve as a vase, but can just as easily stand alone. As a piece of genuine Danish artistry in glass…

The lilac vase, which stands 16 cm tall, costs EUR 36.95/ GBP 24.95, and the new votive in lilac, white or black costs EUR 20.95/ GBP 14.95.

The range now also includes a black and a white vase each standing 21 cm tall for EUR 58.00 / GBP 39.95.

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