Seductive French shapes

Seductive French shapes


Internationally acclaimed artist and designer Alev Siesbye makes a stunning debut at Rosendahl with a new range of vases in bold, beautiful shapes.

They are generously proportioned at the hips, but the waist is amazingly slender, and the neck is wide and accommodating. The overall impression is one of bold shapes, elegantly implemented… magnifique, as they say in Paris, where the creator of these comely new Rosendahl shapes, designer Alev Siesbye, finds her inspiration, lives and works.

While Alev Siesbye is renowned as an artist and designer at galleries and museums all over the world, the Turkish-born designer is a new acquaintance at Rosendahl. And what an acquaintance! With a range of three new vases in milky white and clear glass respectively, she is making a stunning entrance into the design company’s already eminent collection of glass art. And a radiant element in the Karen Blixen Collection, of which the Siesbye vases are a part.

Alev Siesbye is almost possessed by the shape of jars and vases. Ever since she left Royal Copenhagen years ago, her artistic life with ceramics and glass has virtually been a life-long quest for the perfect bowl shape.

Alev Siesbye has smashed hundreds of bowls along the way. Because she refuses to compromise with her works. If the shape does not turn out to be exactly what she had in mind… well, after many sleepless nights of speculation, it gets a hammer blow. Only when the bowl, jar or vase is exactly in accordance with her original concept for its shape – and thus almost automatically on its way to an acclaimed gallery or museum – does she nod and relax.

She also went to a great deal of trouble to arrive at the shape that the new Rosendahl vase finally took on. But the challenges led to a magnificent victory. With Alev Siesbye’s new range of vases, a new Rosendahl classic has been born.

The height and the resultant stature are the only stylistic detail that distinguishes the three vases, which are 16, 14 and 10 cm tall respectively. All are available in either milky white or clear hand-blown glass.

Prices range from EUR 29.95 to EUR 79.00 (rrp).

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