A shower of glass

A shower of glass

Artist Monica Ritterband is known for her soft, playful shapes with a straightforward look. Now she has created a range of candleholders for Holmegaard that symbolise the world’s most life-giving substance – water.

Several of Monica Ritterband’s creations have been inspired by water, and she often uses raindrops as an artistic motif. These new candleholders for Holmegaard, called Sign, also bring the raindrop motif to life – this time as candleholders made of clear glass to emphasise the transparency and fragility of raindrops. These candleholders are all created in the form of a raindrop, each with their own expressive characteristics.


Water is life
The range comprises five different candleholders, each of which tells the story of the changeability of water and the beauty of each individual raindrop. The candleholders can be used individually, but they also invite us to create our own raindrop tableau or perhaps a little shower of life-affirming raindrop candleholders. The candleholders were created to hold tealights, with the raindrop shapes forming a unique, narrative frame around them. Sign is available in five different designs.

Monica has been named artist of the year four times. Her work ranges from miniature glass mosaics to unique creations in the form of huge yet elegant steel sculptures adorning public squares, parks and  highways, as well as a number of exhibitions and items commissioned by municipalities, institutions and private businesses. Monica also designed the beautiful City Light glass candleholders for Holmegaard. She was born in 1955.

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