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Aesthetic ice floes

halskov_dalsgaard_th.jpgDesign duo Halskov & Dalsgaard are known for combining aesthetics and innovation with functionality. They have now created a range of innovative candleholders for Holmegaard that encourage us to play an active part in the design itself.

Homes today are expected to reflect our own unique personality, and these new Connection candleholders allow us to do exactly what we want to create our own individual look. These candlesticks gain their inspiration from ice that is breaking apart, and also bring to mind wonderful, exquisite ice floes that can be linked up or pulled apart.

Zig connects with zag
The thing that’s so innovative about Connection is its shape. Viewed from the side, these candlesticks are flat, but from the front they are a zigzag shape. This provides a number of fantastic possibilities for combining them, as the beautiful zigzag notches are shaped to fit together. The “zig” in one candlestick connects with the “zag” in another, regardless of the size of the candlesticks. Connection is available in three sizes, which are attractive individually or fitted together to form large, creative tableaux. So be your own interior designer and mix and match colours and sizes of these candlesticks to suit your mood.

The candlesticks come in stylish contrasting black and white, which go with everything, and provide a restrained and graphic look. The white candlesticks have an ice queen sort of look, while the black ones are more “lounge lizard”. Together they beautifully unite classic timelessness and modernity. Connection is available in small, medium and large sizes.


The duo’s first design for Holmegaard
Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard both trained as architects and industrial designers at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture. Their design studio, Halskov og Dalsgaard Design, was established in 1990. In 2007 Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard became associated with Holmegaard Glassworks as designers. Connection is the duo’s first design for Holmegaard.

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