Jewellery hangers from Menu

Jewellery hangers from Menu

Hang your jewellery on the wall, so that you always know where it is. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings – everything has a place on the beautiful new Jewellery Hangers from the design company Menu. The Design is strong and sculptural with its’ organic shapes, inspired by the nature surrounding us.

The 3 Jewellery hangers are different and can be combined by you to create a design. One of them has a hollowing, use it as a mini-vase or as you wish to create a beautiful, feminine environment.

Designer Louise Christ has employed a solid and elegant material – high-polish aluminium – which can withstand use. They are 12 cm at the longest part and 9 cm at the shortest. They are hung with hidden fittings and reach out 4 cm from the wall.

Design: Louise Christ
Material: High-polish aluminium.

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