Minimalist luxury with classical roots

Minimalist luxury with classical roots

For generations porcelain from Royal Copenhagen has adorned homes around the world. Some of the porcelain factory’s most popular pieces are now being launched in minimalist, white porcelain; Jugs, thermal bowls and ovenproof dishes that use a modern mode of expression to tell the story of royal porcelain that has been handmade since 1775.

If you appreciate world-class craftsmanship and the minimalist White Plain dinner set from Royal Copenhagen, you have something to look forward to. Six new pieces are now being launched, all with a luxurious simplicity that is perfect for the modern home. One of the new pieces is a beautiful 1.7-litre jug, which can hold enough water, lemonade or hot chocolate for all the guests at the birthday dinner table. There is also a 70cl jug, which is perfect for water, milk and juice.

Stylish ovenproof

The oven series also presents two new additions in the form of two ovenproof dishes measuring 24 and 32 cm respectively, which are made for baking and roasting dishes in the oven in the most stylistically consistent and elegant way possible. They are also perfect for an ice cream dessert, fresh summer berries or an elegant repast of canapés.

Bowl for both the warm and the cold

Last but not least comes the launch of the popular thermal bowl, which you have already met in the Blue Fluted Mega service. The bowl is manufactured using the same technique as the legendary thermal cups, which have been Royal Copenhagen’s bestseller for a long time. The thermal bowls consist of two layers of porcelain with an air gap in between. This air gap provides insulation, keeping the contents of the bowl hot or cold. Whether coq au vin, chilli con carne or chocolate ice cream is on the menu, the thermal bowls will make sure that the food is kept at the right temperature, while the beautiful bowl adorns the table setting. The thermal bowls come in two sizes, medium and large, and hold 65cl and 110cl respectively.

Modern expression and solid sterling craftsmanship

White Plain was launched in 2003, but the foundation for the service goes back for generations, as it is based on the moulds from Blue Fluted Plain and Blue Fluted Mega. The service’s simple and elegant expression makes White Plain a prefect everyday service with a touch of luxury. White Plain can both be used in its own elegant table setting or as a stylish and modern supplement to the Blue Fluted and the Blue Fluted Mega service.

White Plain has been created in accordance with the same sterling techniques and craftsmanship as were used 233 years ago when Royal Copenhagen was founded, which means that casting, putting on handles and glazing are done by hand.

Special care is also taken with the final finish so as to avoid sharp edges and rough bottom surfaces that can leave scratches on the dinner table. On the inside of the bottom of the dishes the distinctive Royal Copenhagen insignia appears in large format to surprise your guests as the first portions of blueberry pie or soufflé are served from the dish. Royal Copenhagen’s actual DNA, the base stamp, can be seen here, various versions of which have embellished its porcelain since 1775. The crown shows the association with the Royal Family and the close links that were forged when Queen Juliane Marie was instrumental in founding the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory in 1775. Below the crown are the three wavy lines that symbolise the three waterways that divide and surround Denmark: the Great Belt, the Little Belt and the Oresund. The final part of the stamp is the piece’s ID number, or more correctly the article number, which identifies the size and function of each piece of porcelain.

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