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Funky function from Royal Copenhagen


Royal Copenhagen is internationally known for exploring and expanding the potential of porcelain. Now the porcelain factory launches the ground-breaking new concept “Function”, which fusions terrific design and world-class functionality.

The Function series consists of functional and aesthetic items for the kitchen and the table. And with the new concept Royal Copenhagen opens the door to all the kitchens where aesthetic and good taste are given pride of place. In an inviting and minimalistic mode of expression, Function tells the story of modern design and the many famous dinner services, which Royal Copenhagen has created for generations. Featured in all of the series’ parts, are the decorative flutes that were actually used for the first time in 1775 on the Blue Fluted service. Since then, they have been Royal Copenhagen’s unique feature.

Among other things, the series offers a decorative lemon squeezer in white porcelain, where the fluting has been enlarged and inverted so they can effectively squeeze the juice out of oranges and lemons. The series’ elegant wine set, which comprises corkscrew and wine stopper also sends sophisticated compliments to the fluted look. The white porcelain handle of the corkscrew is bedecked with the decorative fluting. The same is true of the delicate porcelain sphere that constitutes the top of the wine stopper.

As well as having an aesthetic effect, the fluting ensures that the handle and top do not slip unnecessarily while in use.

Add to this a bowl in white fluted porcelain equipped with the soft silicone cover from Royal Copenhagen’s popular Contrast mug. Silicon has both a functional and aesthetic effect because it both provides insulation and contrast to the hard white porcelain with the decorative colours of mother of pearl and purple. The bowl is perfect for everything from dressing to nuts and sweets.

Furthermore, the series gathers together some of Royal Copenhagen’s most popular kitchen items such as the sculptural white spice jars in White Fluted porcelain for the aesthetic cook. The 11 cm tall white cylinders are designed to store herbs and spices so that they keep their flavour. The cylinders each have a narrow band that identifies their contents in clear, white letters. The set is available as six spice jars on a small tray. The spice jars may also be purchased individually to accommodate an expanding collection of herbs and spices.

Furthermore, the ground-breaking Contrast mugs are being launched in pink and orange colours.

The Function series also offers attractive aprons and tea towels.

Formland Spring 2009 / Hjemmet / Køkken Design Nyheder / Køkken / Royal Copenhagen /

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