No more plastic bags

No more plastic bags

Stelton Shopper

With a Stelton Shopper you can make a difference. We use more than 1 million plastic bags a minute all over the world. In Denmark alone we use abut 300.000 a day – thought-provoking!

Stelton is “going green” – ‘It is time for a change – no more plastic bags” Stelton Shopper = 5,23 plastic bags energy consumption in the production of a Stelton Shopper is equal to the energy consumed producing 5,23 plastic bags – but the Shopper can be used again and again and again – it lasts for many years! This means in fact that after using the Shopper for a week you are making a difference to the climate.


The Shopper is smart and handy and is easy to keep in a pocket or bag. The bag hides away when not in use, folded into its own plastic handle. When you need to use Shopper, simply pull out the bag then slide the plastic handle back over the actual bag’s handles which avoids the handles from going deep into you hands when the bag is full. The Stelton ‘Shopper’ is good for the economy, your hands and most importantly the environment.

• The handle works as a case

• Handle carries the bag

• The bag may be washed at 30 degrees without soap

• The bag carries 10 kg

• Price $ 25,-


Designit was founded by the three industrial designers Anders Geert-Jensen, Mikal Jørgensen and David Fellah. Today Designit has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Paris. Designit awards include the International Interior Design Award 2000, the iF Product Design Award 2001 and 2009 and Red Dot Design Award 2003, 2005 and 2009.

Technical data

Artikel No.

1600-1 Shopper, black, graffiti

1600-2 Shopper, black, statement

1600-3 Shopper, dark blue, pattern

1600-4 Shopper, maasai-red, tree

1600-5 Shopper, lilac, rose

1600-6 Shopper, olive, tree

Materials – plastic and nylon

Width – 41 cm / Heigth – 48 cm / Depth – 13 cm

Design – 2009

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