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Plastic is out, Wood is hot!

This is the tendency among 15 young danish design talents who exhibit at the upcoming Formland.

It is classic, scandinavian, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Wood is the most wanted and stylish material at this time. Especially at the UPcoming Designers-area will some of Denmarks biggest design talents show their innovative suggestions for Scandinavian classics.

The 15 design talents comes from different design schools throughout the country. The designers are carefully chosen by the areas curator, Mads Arlien-Søborg, based on two parameters: quality and innovation.

“The trend clearly says wood, which is also sought after by consumers. It is a material where the
students can really express themselves creatively, and is to be seen in the exhibited projects at the fair. There is  plenty of authenticity and focus on the handmade rather than the high-tech. The new young talents
designs are based on the Scandinavian simple design with wood as the preferred material” – says Mads Arlien-Soeborg.

The young design talents each bring a product that participate in the competition of becoming the fairs most innovative UPcoming news. The competition takes place on the opening day of the fair and the winner is rewarded entrepreneurial advice from the law firm DAHL and a stand at the next Formland Upgraded exhibition in August.

“I see much talent in the growth area in Danish design. The 15 design students are very talented, and at Formland upgraded, they will both be judged by the consumers and they will meet people from the industry. It is a unique opportunity to define their projects even more – and perhaps be able to put it into production” – says Mads Arlien-Soeborg.

A Danish design talent who has taken the next step and put his design into production, is a cabinet maker Morten Hoegh-Larsen. With the company woodwork (SJØJD), he has gained wide recognition for his cutting boards and his design vision to create “healthy tools of local produce”. On Formland Upgraded visitors can get close to the innovative furniture maker who exhibits with his own stand and conducts workshops focusing on design in wood.

Two of the products that compete at the fair is the table that unfolds into a drying rack and a wall clock in stylish soft curves.


“Watch me” af Sofie Oesterby

 “DryUnder” by:  Sanne Kyed/Anne Nørbjerg.


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