Eva Solo SweepUp – unique and functional design

Eva Solo SweepUp – unique and functional design

This spring sees the launch of the Eva Solo® SweepUp – a unique design object that is both practical and aesthetic with a broom and dustpan in one. Use the broom to easily and efficiently sweep the floors and corners in your home, and then slide it down over the dustpan handle so that SweepUp is always ready to hand. This ingenious design solution also gives the Eva Solo® SweepUp a streamlined and harmonious look.

Eva Solo® SweepUp boasts an innovative design that adds new functional and design qualities to the dustpan and brush. This simple product has been given a stylish make-over with an elegant twist, thus adding a new and decorative function to the modern home.

The designers behind the new broom and dustpan set, Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen from Tools Design, have focused on creating a new and contemporary version of a classical and invaluable piece of cleaning equipment which is normally always put away after use:

“It was an interesting challenge breathing new life into a product which everyone uses but which is always kept out of sight because it looks so clumsy. We therefore gave the Eva Solo SweepUp a high degree of design and functionality, so in future the set can become an integrated part of the kitchen interior,” says Henrik Holbæk.

Completely functional

In addition to its solid exterior, Eva Solo SweepUp elegantly combines shape, function and user-friendliness. The set is made of stainless steel and plastic and is available in a stylish black version.For the sake of user comfort, the broom and the dustpan have handles measuring 85 cm and 90 cm, respectively, which means you do not need to bend down to sweep dust off the floor into the dustpan.

The broom is designed with a rounded head with no sharp edges, and the long, strong plastic bristles effectively sweep everything off the floor without scratching skirting boards or floors. The handle of the brush is hollow, so after use it slides down over the dustpan handle. This means it takes up less space while also adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Eva Solo SweepUp is a stylish and innovative version of a conventional piece of domestic cleaning equipment which is both practical and decorative.

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