Impressive play for waiting children

Impressive play for waiting children

Children need to have some distraction while waiting at the doctor or dentist waiting or when they must wait at an eatery or elsewhere, while the parents are talking to the proprietor.

Toys and play things to occupy children who are waiting, is a rapidly growing market, which also includes the Swedish firm AB Smart Baby, which reveals a number of its high quality products at Formland Autumn 2009.

Some things are marine – An impressive masterpiece of a submarine with its large dimensions and superb decor. Vægpanelet Trelleborg-Firm is the largest and most exclusive vægpane that always arouses great enthusiasm in adults and children.

The fun and friendly maritime theme is attractive to children of all ages and different activities entertain them for a long time. Panels include activities such as turning the wheel, hanger-maze, mechanical flip-panel and a concave mirror. There are no breakable parts but Vægpanelet can be made into four separate parts that are assembled together directly on the wall.

Age: From 3 years upwards. Size: L 190 cm x W 79 cm x D 7.5 cm. Weight: 22 kg.

Formland Autumn 2009 takes place in MCH Herning Fairs 14.-17 August.

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