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Run straight wire – with a new Swedish invention

Have you ever wondered why you often find your headphones entangled with your keys or earphones of your mobile phone or even with itself? Designer Mikael Schelin has the answer to it and it is that it has much more to do with science than with any love affair that these objects might have.

According to mathematicians, this is a phenomenon which has a close relation to the so-called ‘tangle theory’, which in turn is a subcategory of Focal theory, and apparently also related to chaos theory. Something that sounds very likely, even if you have experienced a wire which loops itself and the difficult it is to unravel it.

The solution to all the sophisticated theories is fortunately very simple and reads * cordctrl, an invention that is really targeted to make your life easier by completely avoiding this annoying phenomenon. All you have to do is wrap your wires around a * cordctrl and secure both ends of the wire by slideing them into the tracks that are set in * cordctrl.

Hamonoya ApS in Dyssegård presents * cordctrl at Formland Autumn 2009, 14 to 17. August, that takes place at Fairs MCH Herning. The innovation fits all iPod / iPhone headphones and all other headphones and cables of the same dimensions, which means the vast majority of headphones for MP3 and cell phones.

* cordctrl series is invented and developed by Swedish designer Mikael Schelin and is produced in Sweden. It is made of a special quality silicone, which is distinguished by its durability and strength, and therefore includes uses for surgery for example, artificial heart valves.

* cordctrl is available in white, black and red, costs 99 kroner in the indicative retail price and can be purchased at art and design museums, the leading interior, handicraft and hardware stores and at www.stormagasinet.dk and www.cordctrl.dk

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