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Connect with curly household films and environmental friendly stanniol

Connect with curly household films and environmental friendly stanniol

Stanniol – also known as tin foil – is one of the most environmentally friendly options you can choose to pack lunch and leftovers into. First, it takes much energy to the manufacture; secondly, it is virtually impossible to decompose. But a great many are using it because it is easily better than paper, which require elastic and some dexterity to stick together or domestic films, which traditionally have been almost impossible because of the label and it is extremely difficult to even get detached from the roller.

But now, there is a new Danish invention with silver paper and makes it easy for everyone to use the thinner, cheaper, and far more environmentally friendly household films. The solution is a foil cutter, using a hot wire and a rechargeable lithium battery allows the user to cut domestic films in exactly the length he or she needs. Domestic film protects the foil cutter transferor when it is not being used, so it is easy to find next time it is used.

Hamonoya ApS in Dyssegård presents the new, stylish foil cutter Formland in Spring 2009 from 14-17th August at the place Fairs MCH Herning.

Film Cut transferee is designed to hang on the wall, or stuck in the drawer, or be used by hand – all three ways that it easily cuts the foil over so that it does not curl and is ready to use. The effective cut is achieved by the foil cutter with a heated filament.

Film Cut skipper produced in a design that makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic. The built-in lithium battery can handle between 400 and 500 cuts before it needs a recharge.. Charging is done using the supplied 230 V appears – exactly the same way as we charge our cell phones.

Pull the foil off easy and let it touch the hot wire, which are activated and in a few milliseconds heats the foil to 60 degrees. Then it goes into a nice smooth cut and can be placed on the bowl, or food. Film Cut Transferees are designed so that you cannot get burn on the thread, it reaches only 60 degrees. Also the wire is heated for only a few milliseconds and cannot overheat, hence it is very safe.

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