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New ergonomic and cleaning-friendly pizza wheel from Micro Plane makes life easier for pizza lovers

Pizza can be much more than just fast food. With the right ingredients, it is a delicacy which has rightly helped make Italian food world famous. But one problem that is always there for pizza lovers and bakers is getting sliced pizza without all the fillings pushed down in one corner, while ensuring that the tough bottoms of durum wheat are cut properly through. Then there’s always the problem of subsequently obtaining purified pizza wheel well of clotted cheese and tomato sauce. But now there is good news on the way from Micro Plane!

The solution is an ergonomically designed pizza cutter where the wheel can be easily and simply be removed when the pizza is eaten, and can be put in the dishwasher. To ensure that the pizza cutter does not unnecessarily push around the filling but instead makes a nice and clean cut, the Micro Plane cuts the pizza with an extra-large wheel. For pizzas as in tractors – the bigger the wheel, the easier it glides over – or through – obstacles.

Micro Plane is known in both professional and private kitchens the world over for its ultra-sharp grater and other tools and now the company, after repeated requests from its customers, has begun to concern itself with other kitchen utensils in which the company can make a difference by thinking a little sharper.

In August there will be a fair held at Fairs MCH Herning. The Pizza wheel will be available in September 2009. It costs 149 kroner in the indicative retail price and will be available in independent cookware shops and at Inspirations chain stores.

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