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Nostalgia moves into children’s rooms

When the teddy bear has had a walk in the doll-trailer he comes home and helps mother in the kitchen. They can bake cakes in fun shapes and make delicious food in pots and pans in metal. When the teddy bear, has to have a nap, there must fejes and deleted so there is nice and fine … ….

All possible with the large collection of nostalgis toys that Monty & Co. presents at the Formland Autumn 2009 in Fairs MCH Herning. Her parents can manufacture the good, natural materials such as wattle, wood, metal and enamel products. Many of the products produced in Europe and are of high quality.

There is a large collection of products in the wattle, doll carriages both træhjul and rubber wheels. Baskets, bicycle seat and handlebar basket.

We want to provide our customers with toys that speak to children’s imaginations and can inspire role playing that is so important for our children, “says Gitte Gemini from Monty & Co.

There are always several hand puppets too. New dolls include policeman, thief, boy and girl. Here, children can really practice their fantasy games.

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