Georg Jensen on WHEELS


cykelCloseness to nature, health, environmental sustainability and bicycling are all integral parts of the Scandinavian lifestyle. As part of the Global premiere of the new Scandinavian Luxury Lifestyle store concept Georg Jensen is launching WHEELS – a unique Danish designed and produced bicycle. Yet another quality, long lasting investment opportunity from Georg Jensen – in a world were financial values decline by the tick of the clock .

“The best part of Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia is our lifestyle and the clean environment. The relaxed atmosphere where people are enjoying the closeness to nature and get together with friends and family at home. Our wonderful clean environment which provides clean drinking water directly from the ground and which makes it possible to swim in perfectly clean water even in the harbour in the very midst of Copenhagen. And then there are off course the bikes”, Ulrik Garde Due, CEO of Georg Jensen, states.

Denmark is after the Netherlands, the country in the world with the highest number of people bicycling. All over the country the road net is making is easy to be on two wheels and the official government includes bicycling as part of the national transport policy. In other words bicycling is an integral part of everyday lives in Denmark. In most big cities tourist can borrow city-bikes for free while they are visiting Denmark.

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