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The designer water bottle that completes your accessories

For the fashion-conscious, designer accessories are an absolute must that add the final touch to their personal style. Unfortunately the bubble bursts when you see a trendy woman strolling down the high street clasping an old plastic water bottle in her hand. Eva Denmark has now addressed this clash of styles by launching a stylish designer water flask which fits neatly into your handbag and matches your sunglasses.

Bag, purse, sunglasses, scarf, gloves – the list of accessories is long when we go out of the door to wow our surroundings. But the perfect image is too easily shattered if we carry an old plastic water bottle around with us. This is why Eva Denmark is now launching the Eva Solo designer water flask in stainless steel, which completes your accessories and elegantly complements your style. Your choice of accessories matters more than people tend to think.


“Expensive designer brands are aware that women demand quality products. Women focus on products which complement their individual style while providing superior quality, and the products you choose emphasise your personality and signal your identity. There is a clear trend that clothing and accessories should be exclusive and convey a sense of confidence. And the more accessories, the better,” says Charlotte P. Henriksen, designer and owner of CphSTYLING.

Fits in your handbag
Eva Solo products are famous for striking a fine balance between design and function – and the new Eva Solo water flask is no exception. The water flask is not only a unique design achievement – it is also supremely functional. Like any thermo flask, this innovative flask is designed to keep the water cool all day, and the mouthpiece is easy to take off and put on – without spilling even a drop in your handbag. Finally, the flask is delicate and inviting to drink from.


“It is a well-known fact that we taste with all our senses. That’s why water tastes different when you drink it from an elegant designer flask rather than an old soft drinks bottle. This water flask is our attempt to create a style icon which you want to take with you everywhere and which is also a pleasure to drink from. It was important for us to make the flask as lightweight as possible while retaining its functionality as a thermo flask that keeps the water cold,” says Jan Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Eva Denmark.

Fashionable everywhere
So, whether you are planning an afternoon of shopping, a weekend away with your friends in a remote cottage or a business trip across the country, the new Eva Solo water flask is the perfect travel companion and accessory. And even when the winds of fashion change and you need to replace your handbag and sunglasses, the timeless design of the water flask will ensure that it also goes perfectly with next season’s collection of indispensable accessories.

The Eva Solo water flask is available both in matt and polished stainless steel, and the lid features a smart strap which means you can carry the flask around your wrist. The matt thermos water flask has a black strap, while the polished flask has a red strap.

Eva Solo thermo water flask. Price: 49,00 Euro

Formland Spring 2008 / Hjemmet denmark / design / Hjemmet / new /

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