The Emperor’s teapot

The Emperor’s teapot

A pot of tea is so much more than a hot drink. Tea drinking was once a time-consuming ceremony involving all the senses. The Emperor of China liked to savour the actual tea from richly embellished, paper-thin and almost transparent bone china.

Nowadays we don’t have protracted ceremonies because there isn’t time. Nevertheless, we want the experience of enjoying the nectar of the fine leaves to be an aesthetic pleasure for all the senses. To fulfil this desire, Rosendahl is now introducing the Grand Cru tea set, an attractive teapot in ivory-white bone china porcelain and cups and saucers made of the same.

As in the Emperor’s day, the teapot is embellished. Not with colours, but in the stylistically consistent, minimalist spirit of Scandinavia, where simplicity of form is the essence of the art.


However… the Emperor’s porcelain makers worked hard on different thicknesses of porcelain to create motifs. So have Rosendahl’s designers with the new Grand Cru teapot and matching cups.

In four places from the base to half way up the teapot and cup are the four grooves, the Grand Cru lines. Wider and deeper at the bottom, narrower and less deep at the middle. Grand Cru’s unique hallmark.


The recommended retail price of the teapot is EUR 56.95; the cup and saucer cost EUR 23.95.

The recommended retail price of the teapot is GBP 39.95; the cup and saucer cost GBP 16.95.

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