Finn Juhls TurningTray reintroduced

In 1956, Finn Juhl designed the TurningTray. Today the original trays are on display at Finn Juhl’s house in Charlottenlund, Denmark, now a museum. ArchitectMade is re-launching the TurningTrays after the original drawings by Finn Juhl. The trays encompass many of Finn Juhl’s characteristic designs, especially the curved teak frame and corner joints are Finn Juhl […]

A classic design returns

For many people, Danish industrial art is synonymous with Arne Jacobsen, PH and Wegner. But designs in glass by Per Lütken are among the classics too. That is why Holmegaard is now re-launching the glass range “Canada” from the hand of the master – designed in the 1950s.

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