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Last speakers confirmed for Designboost

Designboost is a novel concept at the Swedish design arena with its combination of workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The theme for 2007 is sustainable design and it will be discussed and questioned by the 25 speakers at the lecture date Thursday October 18. Today they release the names of the last 10 speakers.

– Quite often only the environmental issues are brought forward in the discussion about sustainable design. At this years Designboost event we would like to broaden the view. We think it is important to turn things upside down. Sometimes left is actually right, says David Carlson, one of the founders behind Designboost.

– We believe in knowledge exchange. The more you give, the more you get. Our goal is that Designboost will be characterised by new insight, new thoughts and preferably laughter, or as we put it; right, aha, haha, says Peer Eriksson, one of the Designboost founders.
The ten last speakers are:

Jody Turner http://www.cultureoffuture.com/ Culture of Future provides visually flavourful conversation, inspirational POV and leading edge trend language encompassing tech to retail, generations to culture and design to sustainability.  Founder and CEO, Jody Turner, is a “Trend Hunter” or “Meaning Hunter” and travels globally to present ideas on the future of culture and design.

Sean Pillot de Chenecey http://www.captaincrikey.com/ Sean Pillot de Chenecey works with research and brand development. He injects vitality and creativity into consumer insight and brand positioning. Before starting the company Sean spent ten years with cutting-edge agencies. He is often quoted on brand/consumer issues by the media and writes for a range of business and consumer publications.

Tim Power http://www.tim-power.com/
Tim Power, architect and designer based in Milan. For the past decade the office of Tim Power has worked on a variety of projects including furniture, lighting, interiors and architecture for a large international client base. Recently, with the participation of Slow Food and Boffi, he has conducted a program at the I.E.D. on researching and designing self sufficient kitchen units.

Olof Kolte http://www.olofkoltedesign.com/ Civil Engineer KTH, Stockholm 1990, Master of Art RCA, London 1998, has worked as Civil Engineer in France, Mexico, and Latvia, own design practice in London 1998-2000 and in Malmö, Sweden since 2000, part time lecturer at Industrial Design LTH since 2001 Kevin Low http://www.small-projects.com/ Kevin Low runs smallprojects which is a company that conceptualizes, designs and builds things; primarily architecture and utility design. Kevin studied closely with the Aga Khan Foundation and over various periods, has been professionally involved in writing, environmental sculpture, illustration, teaching and copyrighting.

Oliver Ike http://www.ikebranco.ch/
Oliver Ike founded Ikepod Watch company in 1986 and worked as its CEO until 2003. Today manager & contributing writer of Ikebranco productions, a company operating in the field of interior and architecture photography and publishing. He has various consulting mandates in the watch business and as well new projects in the pipeline in the field of watches.

Jonas Bylund http://www.syntes-studio.com Jonas Bylund is the co-founder and Creative Director of Syntes Studio, a product design and branding agency based in Stockholm. Syntes Studios work spans from strategy, product design, packaging and graphic design and the client list include British mobile communications leader O2, H&M, L’oreal and Estee Lauder. He is regularly lecturing at various conferences around the world.

Mårten Claesson http://www.claesson-koivisto-rune.se/
Mårten Claesson is one of the designers and architects of Claesson Koivisto Rune. They have been working with everything from interiors, culture house in Japan to products and furniture design. Their assigners include Asplund, Offecct, Boffi and Cappellini. Mårten Claesson is a regular lecturer and has spoken all around the world.

Ewa Kumlin + Kerstin Sylwan http://www.svenskform.se/, http://www.kerstinsylwan.se/ Ewa Kumlin is managing director at Svensk Form which is missioned by the Governement to promote Swedish Design in Sweden and abroad and to run the official meeting place for design in Sweden. Kerstin Sylwan works as a designer with a deep interest for sustainable development. She is also founder of the project “Saving the planet in style.
The other fifteen speakers that have been announced earlier are: Satyendra Pakhale, Jennifer Leonard, Eero Koivisto, Kristina Dryza, Brent Richards, Stephen Burks, Mathilda Tham, Ilkka Suppanen, Katarina Graffman + Ida Hult, Kristina Börjesson, Jens Martin Skibsted, Nina Jobs, John-Michael Ekeblad, Björn Jeffery and Thomas Sandell.

The lecture part of Designboost will take place Thursday October 18th at Europaporten conference centre in Malmö, Sweden.

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