When Sculpture and Literature Combine to Inspire

When Sculpture and Literature Combine to Inspire

The world of interior design, and in particular ornamental furnishings, is as broad as it is deep and, as a consequence, it is difficult to come up with a design concept which will stand apart and stand out – something simple yet clever, blunt yet thoughtful, static yet moving. Sometimes though, the transition from one art form to another can be as dramatic as it is logical, and so it has been proved by the Danish design couple, Karsten and Anni Gudiksen with the recent release of Outstanding Quotes. Whether they should be described as art, ornament, sculpture or prose is debatable, but one thing they certainly are is clever.

With a background heavily influenced by interior design and art, yet primarily inspired through the design and creation of wall decals, many of them with a literary bias, this innovative couple have managed to add their own, personal, and very clever variation on a theme. In so doing, they have managed to create stylishly designed and precision cut sculptures which have the ability to add a new dimension to the area of ornamental furnishings.

Curiously, once the designs were finished, the problem remained as to what to call them as, up until then, the couple had simply referred to them as ‘Decorative things with meaning’. However, after deciding to preview the designs to their many Facebook fans and asking them for suggestions, they were delighted when one fan came up with the perfect name – Outstanding Quotes!

With a wide ranging choice from the Dalai Lama’s “The purpose of our lives is to be happy” or Muhammad Ali’s “It’s not bragging if you can back it up”, each Outstanding Quote has been carefully chosen to convey its own strong and emotive message, yet one which they have managed to give so much more feeling to through the additional combination of a third dimension and impacting designs. Best described as a fusion of art, prose and sculpture, all Outstanding Quotes can be seen on their website at www.buyaquote.com

To best match the quality of the sculpture with the power of the quotes, precision laser cut, as opposed to molded, high quality piano black 3mm acrylic proved, after making many prototypes, to be the perfect medium, with each Outstanding Quote standing approximately 20cm high and 15cm wide. The careful thought does not stop there though, with each Outstanding Quote having its own base to allow it to be a stand-alone ornament and carefully packaged in a quality gift box made from 100% recycled materials.

Further details about Karsten and Anni Gudiksen, plus all their products, worldwide shipping and contact details can be found on their website at www.buyaquote.com

Though all the products listed are quotes in English, unsurprisingly they also have a number of Danish quotes, details of which can be provided on request.

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