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Shopnic – a new Shopping & Picnic solution


Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious and we all know the problem of buying groceries and packing them into too many plastic bags each week. Not one, but two of course in order to secure they do not rupture and due to a lack of a working, innovative alternative.

One of Steltons most successful designers, Klaus Rath, has thought about this problem and came up with a solution that is fashionable, secure and functional at the same time, saving us all the use of and money needed for plastic bags along the way.


Shopnic – the new shopping / picnic basket

Klaus Rath has done it again. The young designer behind the bestselling Stelton bread bag has developed an all new shopping-/ picnic basket called ”Shopnic”. It carries a weight of 10 kg and takes about 15 l. Shopnic can, when not in use, be folded to a minimum of 7 cm in height, which is practical to fit below the child’s buggy or inside your car’s trunk, making space for larger items.


ls-1400-3-1Compared to traditional solutions, Shopnic is supplied with a spring, making it possible to be unfolded like a magician’s hat – a practical idea, when you have already one hand holding e.g. your groceries or your child’s buggy. Shopnic has the perfect size both for shopping and the weekend’s picnic, why it is named Shopnic.

Shopnic comes in black/sand, sand/pistachio and red/pink colour schemes – fashionable colours which suit every style.

Both, the inside & outside covers may be washed in the washing machine by 30°C, making stains from spilled milk, juice and other liquids inside the basket a thing of the past.

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