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PAPAFOXTROT – wooden models of ships

Another exciting new product coming to MCH: Papafoxtrot

Papafoxtrot is architect-designed wooden models of ships and other infrastructural designs. Papafoxtrot is designed in London but gets inspiration from all over the world.

Papafoxtrot is about industrial design icons in stylish shapes made in wood.
The ships are almost sculptural in the expression and fits as stylish icons for decoration on the shelf, office or just for the kids to play with. The stylish wooden ships isn’t just for decoration. There has been added a function that allows a certain contemplation with gathering, finalize and move around the ships’ small wood components.
The ships are something completely new and different at the market and it fits perfectly into the scandinavian design culture.

All together there are 3 different types of ships so far: Emma Maersk, TI Asia and Artic Princess.

Emma Maersk
Papafoxtrot has produced a mini version of the original ship. At the original ship there is about 11,000 containers spread over a length of 400 meters. Emma Maersk is the longest container ship in the world. It has a 14-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum of 110,000 HP (horsepower) ensuring progress on the usual route between Eourpe and China.
Emma Maersk comes in 2 different colors (blue or grey) and measures: Length 40 cm, Width 6 cm, Height 8 cm.
TI Asia
Papafoxtrot has produced a mini version of the ship TI Asia. TI Asia is a oil-storage ship that was build in the early 2000. The ship is at anchor in Qatar where it is being used as a storage for oil. On the side of the TI Asia there’s a sign saying “No smoking!” with letters there is 2 meter high and you better obey, the ship is loaded with up to 3 million barrels of oil.
TI Asia comes in 2 different colors (blue or grey) and measures: Length 30cm, Width 4cm, Height 10cm.

Arctic Princess
Arctic Princess from Papafoxtrot is another mini version of the original ship. Arctic Princess is a norwegian Liquefied Natural Gas tanker built in 2006. The Arctic Princess has a capacity of 150,000 cubic meter LNG which means that it sails with equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 42,000 households. The Arctic Princess has 4 storage tanks which each is 42 meters in diameter. The tanks can be cooled down to a temperature of -163 degrees. Arctic Princess is designed for transporting gases from natural gas wells i the cold and harsh north.
Arctic Princess comes in 2 different colors (blue or grey) and measures: Length 30cm, Width 4cm, Height 10cm.

Behind the brand Papafoxtrot is design and architectural firm Postlerferguson. Papafoxtrot is Postlerferguson’s attempt to visualize some of the most amazing infrastructural designs in the world. The result, is this series of wooden ships in a stylish shape.
Papafoxtrot is brought to scandinavia by a company called Walnut street and it is Walnut street who exhibit Papafoxtrot at the upcoming fair.
Walnut Street
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7100 Vejle
T: 22506400

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