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– a new international platform for Scandinavian design and living

Defining Scandinavia is a brand new trading platform with a very clear mission: To create a fair that will assemble and promote Scandinavian design and living.
This fair will be an event that takes place two times a year starting from January 2013. The event will take place at the same time as Copenhagen fashion week and this is a fully conscious choice. The purpose is to create synergy and coherence between fashion and living.

“It is time for a holistic approach. Living and fashion are gradually melting together, making it natural to benefit from this synergy. Defining Scandinavia has been created from the concept of the sense of community within the Scandinavian spirit. That is our approach.” – partner Laust Christian Poulsen states.

Copenhagen fashion week is an international event that attracts a lot of attention and the event has become a recognized label of quality. When Defining Scandinavian makes a trading platform in Copenhagen during the same time as Copenhagen fashion week it creates a unique opportunity to connect the world of fashion with design and living and thats exactly what the purpose of Defining Scandinavian is. The fair that Copenhagen will house is dedicated to shaping and boosting the Scandinavian design and living industry.

“As an essential player in Copenhagen Fashion Week, we recognize the importance of developing and innovating this event. Defining Scandinavia is a new fair whose purpose is to give Copenhagen a new dimension, which will make the city more attractive to international buyers and press, in regards to the fashion fairs as well as Defining Scandinavia. We have already at this stage received wide support and experienced a broad interest in the concept.” – partner Peter Fenger Selchau says.

Defining Scandinavia is in the conviction that we must shed light on the way Scandinavian design and living sets its mark in the world and the fair is a step closer to this conviction.

Welcome to Defining Scandinavia

Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, 2013



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