Royal Copenhagen’s Easter eggs are a sign of spring

Royal Copenhagen’s Easter eggs are a sign of spring


All who are enchanted by the delicate Easter eggs from Royal Copenhagen have something to look forward to. Keeping up the tradition of evocative Easter decorations, Royal Copenhagen’s floral designs welcome the spring and the sunshine.

Recognised worldwide for combining tradition and renewal, and for superb craftsmanship, Royal Copenhagen’s Easter decorations this year consist of four delicate new Easter eggs and a decorated goose egg in clear white porcelain. These lovely eggs are adorned with some of the prettiest motifs showing the symbols of spring: the forget-me-nots, white anemones and daffodils, or chaffinches and blue-tits in exquisite colours are poetic reminders that spring is on the way.


A historic tribute 

The poetic floral decoration of the eggs is a direct reference to the unrivalled craftsmanship of Royal Copenhagen’s most distinguished design. The flower motifs have been taken from sources like the legendary Flora Danica service, one of the most exclusive in the world.

“Easter is a festival that marks the new life of spring, so it is a welcome opportunity to hang lovely decorations in our homes. That is why it is important to us that our Easter eggs are in keeping with our traditions as well as announcing that spring is just around the corner. But at the same time we want to pay tribute to Royal Copenhagen’s artistic heritage, so we have searched the archives to find the motifs we have chosen for this year’s Easter eggs,” says creative director Niels Bastrup.


Decorations with personality 

With an idiom that neatly combines charming design with evocative tradition, Royal Copenhagen has created these small, poetic decorations for everyone wanting to give their homes a personal touch with an element of history. The delicate spring colours are carefully chosen to tone in and harmonise with collections from earlier years. The smaller eggs can be hung on twigs among the bursting buds or prettily arranged in bowls. The larger goose egg, which is about 10cm high, has a longer ribbon, and can be hung in a window or placed in a bowl or dish with the other porcelain eggs. The attractive bonbonnière can be used for chocolates or biscuits, as a flower-pot holder or as a decoration on the window sill. All prices are recommended retail prices.

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