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How come the things you want to cut and chop never stay on the chopping board? How come juice and salad always make a mess of your worktop? And who says a chopping board has to be square? A new sloping Eva Trio chopping board takes up the challenge. This beautiful new chopping board, Eva Trio Kite, strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics, design and quality – and ensures that the ingredients stay on the board.

Do you know what it feels like when the meat juices from your beef filet suddenly lie in a pool on your kitchen surface? Or when half your curly lettuce ends up on the floor? That’s not on when you have just finished cleaning the house before your guests arrive for dinner.

Ideally a chopping board should retain both juices and salad while you are doing the chopping. Even though a modern kitchen often provides a setting for relaxation and conversation, it remains a gastronomic workshop. Therefore we are now introducing the new Eva Trio Kite chopping board which, with its kite-shaped design, elegantly balances functionality and aesthetics – while providing a new slant on how to solve typical kitchen tasks.


A sloping sculptured wooden kite
The person behind this novel reinterpretation of a familiar kitchen item is prize-winning designer Julie Storm. Julie Storm has not only played with design and shape but also with functionality and ease of use.

“First and foremost, a chopping board must be an effective tool. Fortunately it is possible to combine functionality with aesthetics to create beautiful home accessories. I have therefore created an attractive design which will appeal to all kitchen experts and food lovers,” says the product designer behind the new Eva Trio Kite chopping board, and she adds: “I have always been annoyed by the mess it makes when I use a chopping board at home. Now I have done something about it.”

The innovative Eva Trio Kite chopping board is made of oiled oak, and its grain creates an organic connection between the form and function of the board. As the grain of the wood slopes downwards along the board’s chopping surface, all the meat juices collect at the bottom of the slope instead of making a mess of the kitchen surface. At the same time, the pointed end ensures that you aim straight into the bowl or pot when tipping ingredients off the board. The board also has raised edges on both sides, so the food you chop remains on the board. The design evokes the image of a beautiful kite floating soaring through the air, which is why we have found Eva Trio Kite a suitable name for the new chopping board.


Quality and design in one
“We are proud to put Julie Storm’s chopping board into production. Julie is an exciting new product designer, and this chopping board appeals to discerning Eva Trio customers who demand superior quality and elegant design all in one product,” explains Eva Denmark’s Marketing Manager, Jette Lykke Siggaard.

The Eva Trio Kite chopping board is available in a rectangular or triangular design. Common to both models is that design and function complement each other. This gives you both a functional tool and a beautiful home accessory – a chopping board that is easy to clean and which grows even more beautiful over time.

Eva Trio Kite chopping board, triangular, small. Price: € 119
Eva Trio Kite chopping board, triangular, large. Price: € 129
Eva Trio Kite chopping board, rectangular. Price: € 119

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