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Wait for me – floor lamp

wait-for-me-green.jpg’Wait for me’ is a floor lamp that combines the horizontal and the vertical surface in a space. ‘Wait for me’ is a short story about a hard working lamp, who runs around town together with its other light buddies and lights up the dark corners where the sun can’t reach.

In the evening the lamp takes a well deserved brake. ‘Wait for me’ visits people in their home, leans against the wall, puts the cable in the plug in order to recharge for the next day and throw light on the surroundings. Maybe ‘Wait for me’ will stop by your home one day……..


FurnID is an ambitious design office, consisting of Morten Kjær Stovegaard, Bo Strange and Sara Vinther Martinsen. They are determined to achieve their common goal, to succeed in the design business with a vision to create inviting and friendly products.
The design office is mostly engaged with furniture- and industrial design and so far they have worked together with Fritz Hansen, Engelbrechts, PLOT, B.I.G, GN Resound and Illums Bolighus.


From the beginning, the three designers agreed on designing friendly and sculptural products. FurnIDtable was the first furniture in a line of inviting products. Ever since it seemed obvious to carry on with the inviting concept and make it a special trademark for FurnID.

There are many excellent ideas in the desk drawer waiting to be completed, but the designers also express a strong desire to join forces with the manufacturers at an early stage in the design process. This way you get a viable product which also match the specific company.

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