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Come on OverThe international, national and municipal focus on the public spaces and their importance has increased. The cafés, the green lawns, the market places and the benches all invite the many citizens outside hoping to create a lively urban environment.

Good urban spaces are hard to point out, yet the citizens all agree on where they would like to hang out. We are all drawn to the same public spaces. It is when we join in groups that it gets interesting. A public space is for everyone, an urban space must at all times make room for diversity and an urban space must create the best possible settings for life.


It seems as if the existing urban furnitures in Denmark all direct their focus on the negative consequences on human use. Has the anxiety for vandalism and the homeless people’s use of public spaces become the biggest factor when designing urban- spaces and furniture? If this is the case, we create spaces and products which are afraid of life and therefore looses their force of attraction on people. Precisely the opposite impact as first intended.


Come On Over is a meeting place which invites the users to both primary and secondary seating positions. Every half furniture has room for three people and can be put together as two furnitures with room for six people. Furthermore Come On Over takes the urban wheelchair users into consideration.

The surface on the table area and the seating area are designed to be the variable elements on the furniture. The intention is to make the surfaces the story telling part of the product so that the specific identity elements from the surrounding area can be implemented in the furniture.
When it is a “custom made” product the users get a sense of responsibility for the product and for their personal urban space. The pattern allows light to pass through and rainwater to run off the surface.


Materials: Frame: 38 mm steel pipe with a polyester finishing. Surfaces: Expanded plastic (polystyrene) with a cover of GelCoat. This means that the inner core can be coloured in another colour than the outer surface and thereby give the furniture a very graphic look.

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