Do you want a smart bag that nobody else have in the same design?
GS-Casa is exhibiting the spanish Vaho Trashion. Vaho Trashion collects used advertising banners in Barcelona which has been used at sporting events, art exhibitions, concerts, etc.. The used banners gets a new life as cool and colorful bags and purses after they have undergone an environmentally friendly cleaning process. The unconventional use of fabrics means that no bags or purses will ever have the same design. They are all unique and one of a kind.

Vaho works with an organisation called NGO ”CEO del Maresme”. This organisation works with inmates and it is the inmates who are responsible for sewing the bags and purses. It is to be said that all bags and purses undergo a very strict quality control of Vaho.

Skanseparken 81
8400 Ebeltoft
T: 75577416

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