Revitalize Your Business with a Sign Makeover

Makeover TV shows are everywhere these days.  A makeover is a term applied to changing appearance of a person, object or living space.  Makeovers can range from something simple to an extreme overhaul.

Just like displaying your own looks, your signs say a lot about who you are and what you do. That’s why it’s critical that you display appealing signs and graphics for your business, event or organization. Sign makeovers from FASTSIGNS® can help make a big difference in your success..

Keys to an Effective Sign Makeover

• Photos in advertising create 300% greater recall than ads without photos.*
• Full-color graphics create the highest awareness of all sign categories. **
• Colored backgrounds organize information and enable viewers to read it 26% faster. ***

* Based on a Direct Marketing Association study on color
** Based on a 3M marketing study on visual merchandising
*** Source: Pennsylvania College of Optometry


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