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Vipp Yellow Cab – a tribute to New York

Yellow Cab is the name of Vipp’s 2009 Limited Edition. The inspiration for the new line comes directly from the pulsating streets of New York. Here, in the city that never sleeps, more than 13.000 yellow cabs daily leave their clear impressions.

Besides thousands of yellow cabs, New York is now also home to Vipp’s first showroom outside of Denmark. This marks a new chapter in the almost 70 year long history of Vipp.
New York now also spells Vipp and Yellow Cab. The colour of the year immediately leads your thoughts towards the very special impression that overwhelms you when you find yourself in Times Square.
Vipp Yellow Cab is a new interpretation of the classic Vipp universe that will bring new life to your bathroom and kitchen. A chic and dazzling spring colour giving you a little bite of The Big Apple.
Vipp Yellow Cab is available from February 1st 2009 and throughout the year in leading design stores. To find your nearest dealer, please go to vipp.com.

Behind New York’s yellow cabs
The famous yellow cabs are the lifeblood of New York and have achieved iconic status, just as Vipp has won praise as an international design icon. With the new series from Vipp, Scandinavian minimalism meets the big city pulse of New York.
Today, New York is home of more than 13.000 yellow cabs. This number is known because a special license is required in order to own a yellow cab. The license was introduced in 1937 at a cost of 10 dollars. The license can be sold on by the owner, and the major taxi companies are willing to pay large sums for it. In 2007, the price of a license had risen to 600.000 dollars.
Gasoline powered taxis were introduced in New York in 1907 by young businessman Harry N. Allen. He was also the first to introduce the yellow colour on taxis. He did this after learning that yellow is the colour easiest seen from a distance. In 1960 the city of New York decided that all taxis were to be painted yellow.
Vipp 9 soap dispenser €85 / USD 119
Vipp 11 toilet brush €155 / USD 199
Vipp pedal bins €185 – €355 / USD 249 – USD 469
Vipp towels €13 – €35

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