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Menu’s new mini lamp is a play between colour and form


Design, form and effect – both classic and contemporary at the same time. Menu’s new mini lamp for tealight candles rediscovers the Scandinavian design tradition.

Designer Jakob Wagner has reinterpreted classic lamp forms, using mouth-blown glass in simple, beautiful shapes and elegant, subdued colours. The lamp consists of a clear outer glass and an inner smoke-hued glass.

Combines colour and form

The inner glass can be used alone, and as such, it is a tealight candle holder all its own. But true elegance emerges when the two glasses are combined, as form, colour and vivid lighting interact with one another. The lamp, with its clear outer glass and smoke-hued inner glass, is sold as a set.

The outer glass has a diameter of 12 cm and is 18 cm high. The inner glass has a diameter of 6.5 cm and is 10 cm high.

Design: Jakob Wagner

Material: Mouth-blown glass

Bordet / Hjemmet / Lamper/Belysning design / new /

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