Your new security buddy

qwe2.jpgCAVIUS is your ultimate travelling companion, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your personal safety and security. When travelling for business or pleasure, or just everyday journeys, CAVIUS provides a high level of protection for yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.

The Personal Attack Alarm function can be used as a deterrent against would-be attackers. Carry CAVIUS in your pocket or in your hand for use during uncertain or unsafe situations. Ideal for when you are out walking or jogging, or if you have spent a late night studying at the library, or working at the office and you are walking alone to your car, train or bus.

CAVIUS includes an Optical Smoke Detector, which activates when smoke enters the smoke chamber. CAVIUS is ideal for use in accommodation, caravans, cabins, boats or wherever fire and smoke protection is required. When travelling overseas it may not be apparent to you whether there is suitable smoke or fire protection installed. For your own peace of mind, use CAVIUS in your accommodation so you will receive early warning – if there is a fire.

qwe1.jpgBy activating and placing  CAVIUS in front of the door in your room you can be instantly alerted if someone opens your room door or accesses a drawer containing your valuables. Ideal in accommodation without locks or when travelling alone for business or recreation. 

Protect your belongings from being tampered with or stolen. Put CAVIUS in your backpack or suit case while you are waiting for your flight, train or bus. Place CAVIUS inside your handbag, suitcase or laptop bag while at business conferences or meetings. CAVIUS is also great for women to put in their handbags while dining or at a nightclub. In fact anywhere bags are either left unattended or placed beside you. When CAVIUS senses movement it will activate the alarm and deter a thief.

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