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Despite our love of nature, we still live by the motto: “There’s a time and place for everything! And there is nothing quite as annoying as nosy, aggressive and forever hungry wasps on the prowl just as you sit down in the garden to enjoy brunch or delights from the barbecue. We simply want to eat our meal in peace and quiet!

Designer Pernille Vea has taken up the challenge by creating the Organic wasp trap for the design company, Menu. The wasp trap is based on the fact that relatively simple means can have an irresistible effect on wasps – for example, a mixture of sugar and vinegar.

The strong odour attracts them from far and wide; so much so that they completely ignore the family’s well-laid garden table.

Once the wasp is inside, it cannot get out again
The odour leads the wasps directly towards the wasp trap’s funnel-shaped hole, which acts like a fish trap: once the wasp is inside, it cannot get out again.

The Organic wasp trap is part of Menu’s Organic product series, made of natural materials – such as terracotta and glass – and using soft, round shapes that blend in well with the garden’s surroundings. The funnel, however, is made of stainless steel – and when you are ready to empty the trap, simply remove the funnel, which also acts as a stopper.


Design: Pernille Vea
Materials: Terracotta, stainless steel, synthetic rubber

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