LE KLINT launches two new inner shades

UnderCover by Le KlintSwing is a new pattern which exploits the flexible UnderCover concept to the full.

As a single pattern, Swing is distinctive in its own right, and reminiscent of the classic LE KLINT “Sinus Line”. But offsetting two or more Swing innershades produces a masking effect, in which the light source is more or less covered over by the undulating shapes.

Isfahan is inspired by the geometric patterns which were so often used in Islamic architecture. Carved stone lattices were produced which permitted a slight breeze to enter while allowing an attractive filtered light to penetrate
the window openings.

”That quality of filtered light was my starting point for re-interpreting this Islamic pattern for UnderCover. I call the pattern Isfahan after the well-known Iranian city with its many beautiful mosques,” says designer of the UnderCover collection, Philip Bro Ludvigsen.

Swing and Isfahan are available in all the UnderCover collection lamp sizes.
Design: Philip Bro Ludvigsen

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