365° north – carefully conceived lamp design

365° north – carefully conceived lamp design

365° north is a new Danish lamp concept – a concept that has been turned both 90° and 180° to see the familiar from new and unexpected angles. This has now resulted in a unique and original lamp design which is about to be launched on the Danish and other European markets.

This is what often happens when ideas are carefully considered before being transformed into products. Consumers suddenly find themselves holding things in their hands that speak to them in a comforting, yet slightly exciting way.

365° are lamps which accentuate design and balance. Their lightness and purity are reminiscent of trustworthy, yet innovative Scandinavian design. The lamps are both hard and soft, portentous and humorous. You could almost say that 365° north has mixed grandmother with business and masculine with feminine in a durable, classical and innovative way.

The Gravity lamp was nominated for the Danish interiors magazine Bo Bedre’s Furniture Award 2007, presented at Copenhagen International Furniture Fair.


365° north is sold and distributed by Frandsen Lyskilde.

The lamps will be sold in shops this autumn 2007.

Visit www.365.dk

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